In case anyone wonders, NO this is not a GroupWise support question <g>. I have
a small Exchange customer who uses my anti-spam service who was interested in
knowing some into on wireless security.

So, a BB on a BES, or many other devices using NotifyLink can be "remote wiped"
if they are lost or stolen.

I saw one app that can go on a BB that is using BIS that might work. Does
anyone have any experiences with such a thing?

Also, are there apps to put on an Android that could do the same thing to allow
a "user" to remote wipe his/her own phone (or in our case an administrator)?

Also, if these programs exist, how can an Administrator enforce them? If you
are using a BES it's pretty easy. If you are on NotifyLink, as long as the
phone is set to synchronize with NotifyLink this would work. But if you install
some app on a BB or Android phone, and the user just decides to uninstall, the
Admin would really have no control right?

I'm trying to make a case for a customer that they should not allow remote
devices access to their sensitive email unless the device can be controlled by
the admin, and so I'm thinking really the only way is to use a "server" based
system like BES or NotifyLink to accomplish that.

If there are other options out there, I'd love to hear about them!

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