We are currently running NW6.5 SP8 and NDPS (on NSS volumes) and I have some
options to migrate to OES2 which is largely driven by a desktop move to
We are planning to fully migrate all our sites and servers to OES over the
next 12 months or so, however the windows7 migration is likely to be pushed
through a lot sooner.
So, having read and tried to understand the various docs on migrations - I
have two options it seems.....
1.Upgrade current NDPS to iprint (not sure how much change this will incur,
if any) and then do a migration to OES later on after the Windows7 roll out.
2. Hurry the OES migration along ahead of the Windows7 rollout. This however
will mean huge changes as we are also looking at going virtual as well as
new hardware etc so I would realy like a lot more time to research this

So I guess my questions are:
Which is easier - upgrade current NDPS to iprint and then later migrate to
OES, or migrate to OES straight off?
Bearing in mind that all we really want right now is for Windows7 printing
to work.....

I am also a bit confused.. when I did all my server migrations earlier this
year to new hardware and SP8 I had to install iprint (NDPS, as part of the
migration using the gui) afterwards to get the printing working again, does
this mean that I now have all the main ingredients for iprint on our servers
or is there still more I need to do?

Thanks for your help - Mark