One of the departments where I work deals with fingerprint records and we recently had an audit from the FBI to see how we handled the processing and destruction of those files on the network...which left a little to be desired as we weren't sure on some compliance questions.

My understanding is that (usually) when a file is deleted it is still recoverable until Purge is run. We run Purge manually several times of the year. Is Purge compliant with any data sanitization methods? For example, we have a program that uses DoD 5220.22-M on our workstations, which my understanding is that it sweeps the files 3 times to ensure destruction. What exactly happens when Purge is run?

Our main concern is that it is not like Windows in that with the right tools you can find and access the files that you thought were deleted, that when something is purged from NSS that it is gone from the system. This information will also help me to determine the priority of which of our systems need to be migrated to SLES, which my file server isn't currently scheduled until 2 years out.

Finally, I'm looking for a way to schedule purge to run at a regular interval on the department's drive. Is there a way to schedule purges to run on specific folders within a volume, or if I have to the volume itself on a regular basis?

Thanks for any information!