The first time we setup iprint on our cluster, all went smooth as anything.. then we had problems with a node and that node would not run iprint.

So I decided to just recreate iprint completely as we are still not live.

However the iprint_nss_relocate script will not run. It keeps say

iPrint LUM group exists
iPrint LUM Group does not exist in container (container path)

Please run with -c switch

However, the LUM GROUP definitly 100% does not exists anywhere in the tree. So even if I specify -c switch it does not create a new one as it is convince the group already can be found in the tree.

This error is occuring on both nodes, and is drivign me insane. I have completely stripped out and reinstalled iprint on both nodes, tried manaully creating the iprint user and group (this fools the script, but iprint will not run)

Also, cannot get onto eservice to speak to novell at the moment.