I am trying to get new printer drivers loaded for Vista clients - I already think I know the answer but want to verify that I am not going down the wrong path.
Running Netware 6.5 SP7 with ndpsm.nlm 3.02.04; using iManager 2.7.3 FTF3 with latest iPrint plug-in.

I loaded the Vista drivers to the Resource Manager and can see the drivers there, but when I try to associate a driver with a printer, there are no Vista drivers listed. The console logger shows
Error Getting Driver List com.novell.service.ndps.ndpsextendedexception:
ndps library error category: 1060004h
other error: fffffc55h

My inclination is that I need to install SP8 with the latest iPrint patches and try uploading the drivers to the Resource Manager again. Sound right?