Hi there,

My customer's security department did a review and noticed some strangely named service accounts in this Windows 2008 member server running just ZAM 10. They would like to get more info on these accounts but we could find none in the documentation.

Here is part of the conversation:
Our security people are questioning some logon accounts used by Novell Zam/ZCM on servers. (See Below). It has proven impossible so far to find definitive info about these accounts possibly due to Google not liking the format of the account name. The account used on the main server is slightly different (.\__z_1_200__). These accounts were created by Zam on install. Any information on them would be greatly appreciated and in particular the rights they require on the server.

There is a strange local admin user set up <server-name>.
The account is called _z_1_80_ . Does anyone know what it is?
It must be created as part of the zcm product that is installed on this server. The server <another-server> also has an account like this and this has zcm installed also.
Also is a screen shot of the services aplet.