I lucked across this:

It can replace selected duplicates with hardlinks.

Anyone have any experience with this sort of software on a large network
share? Why do I ask?

Work has a volume, shared nationally, with a ton of files
( ok it is only about half a terabyte but we would like to be able to copy
it to laptops...) and people seem to make their own little folder
structures that contain many duplicates instead of linking back to the
For instance, we have a trainers sub folder tree that has the print and
twain drivers in the training folder when they are originally in the
national support folder they got them from!

Any suggestions and hints are welcome. Changing the underlying file system
is not really an option, simply because I don't make that call. I can
suggest it though.
OS's involved are Windows Workstations and NTFS Permissions that must be

Ciao, Dave