Hey all,

I'm running OES2.2-LX iFolder3.8 server. It was running exceptionally well for months. Last Friday night I patched the server with all the patches to get my server up to date. To my fault I did not look at every single patch. I did a reboot of the server. WOW, I tried to login to iFolder and it would NOT let me. Kept telling me my username or password was incorrect. Quickly found out many others had the same problem. Also, if you are already logged in with iFolder3 it persistently sends out your password. Being that it is no longer recognized, now your edirectory account gets locked out. What a mess. I found that one of the new patches was a new iFolder client and reinstalling it fixes the login problem. My main problems:

1) Logins broke
2) For those users that logins still worked, nobody got a notification about a new client. This process worked flawlessly in iFolder2.x. NETWARE