I am not sure if this is the correct place to port this. If not please let
me know.

We have an application that does a VDF query. When we try and print using an
iPrint printer the app crashes but for some printers rather than throwing me
out of the app it gives a winprint 4404 error followed by a line number.

The reason I am posting here is that if I create a local TCP/IP printer with
the same driver the app prints fine. It also prints fine when I print to a
locally connected printer. I am getting little or no help from the app
vendor and wondered if there is something setting in iPrint I could try. I
have already tried setting the iPrint to print ditrect and that did not
help. It seems it only fails when I direct it to an iPrint printer. Could
this be an iPrint issue or is it more likely a bug in the app? Everything
else including other features from the same app print just fine it is only
the query that is the problem. I guess I am hoping to get some info to fire
back at the app vendor.