When printing often 1 of 2 problems will occur:
1) The printout will be followed by garbage printouts (random characters printed on one to a few pages.
2) The printout will not complete. It will get cut off after several pages.
Sometimes the two issues will be combined.

I have had this problem when using NDPS, and now after a conversion to iPrint (Sles OES2).
The conversion was a complete overhaul with an entirely new Tree, Printer objects, etc...
The IP address of the printers were the only things that remained the same.

The problem is not consistent to all print jobs by all people, but a person affected by this will have a high likelihood of the problem occurring.

Windows XP3 workstations
iPrint Client 5.32.00


All printers are HP Laserjet series.
I've tried drivers for PCL 5 and 6 when available.

I have setup local printer objects by creating an IP Port on the computer and printing directly to the printer's IP address.
When printing in this way there has never been an issue with the output.

Are there any ideas how to get iPrint working correctly?