So I've been toying with Win 7 for quite awhile now, and
one thing I still haven't quite gotten a handle on is
batch files and scripts.

For instance I have a simple script that I used to run
that would update some resident software with updated files.
The local directory is c:\somepath. The source directory
is from a server. So it really does a simple
copy from A to B....Win7 has none of it. When the batch
file kicks off...even when Run As Administrator all copy
processes receive Access Denied. Now, I understand why this
occurs is because the batch file launches a CMD shell, which
does not have admin rights. The only way I have been able to
run batch files like this is to manually open a CMD shell as
administrator, map the network drive and kick it off from inside
the shell. Works dandy...but surely there is a better way.