I'm a bit confused in the ZCM reporting docs.

I've got ZCM 10.3 installed using an external Oracle database just fine

However, it seems that if you wish to use reporting, you must install the actual Oracle Client itself.

Given that, I'd like to put the Reporting stuff onto a dedicated server that does NOT have ZCM Primary stuff already on it.

What's puzzling is the install docs for step 3 state:

Create a new service name and use it to set up an external Oracle database for use with ZENworks

So does that mean I have a SEPARATE Oracle database for the reporting stuff? One that's different than what ZCM Primary server uses? If so, then where the information for setting up that database (Novell gives you docs for what the ZCM Primary server install needs for Oracle in terms of rights to add what things to the database if it's already been created by your DBA), but there's nothing about this for the reporting.