I get a call at 7 in the AM that a beeping noise is coming from the
server room. Get to work to discover a drive on the sql server has gone
bad. Go to rebuild said drive only to find out it really has gone
completely bad. Server is down for the count. Fortunately I had
converted that server to a virtual machine a few weeks ago because it
has been problematic for awhile now. For support reasons I was still
using the hardware based server instead of the converted server. At any
rate I did the smart thing and made a copy of the database before
shutting server down so I had an up to date copy of the database to
restore from. All in all virtualization saved my bacon. What even more
fascinating is that the server resides on my ReadyNAS 4200 connected to
the virtual server via 2 1Gb ports linked together and performance is good.

And my other nightmare is my company Internet service. It's losing sync
regularly. They dropped the speed to a whopping 1.5 megs and it's
finally staying up. Make a long story short. They suck and it's
looking like we maybe stuck at 1.5 megs. I'm hoping not.