Hi everybody !

I have a problem with my OpenSUSE 11.3. I want to install a printer to my system. So, I have install "novell-iprint-xclient-sh-6.502.20090929-1.x86_64.rpm" because in my network I use Secure Printing.

I add a user to cups with this command :
lppasswd -a root -g sys
When I go to http://localhost:631/admin, the webpage ask me for give login information. I use the account root with the password and it's OK. I can log me in.

So, I go to my iprint webpage, I choose my printer and I click on Install. A dialog box appears. I give my Novell login and password. Next, a second dialog box open and I need to give a local cups account/iprint user. I type the same account used for log in cups admin webpage, but I can't ! The answer is "Wrong user or password"

Everybody as an idea ? Thanks very much