I'm setting up NFR 1.0.1 on SLES 10 SP3. I've found the following install

During the install of the dsi-edir package, the install will not continue as
there is an unresolved dependency on novell-xplatlib. I don't believe this
package is installed on SLES, but rather, only when OES2 is also installed.

In YaST2, once NFR repository is added, the Package and Summary name for the
NFR engine 64 or 32-bit are reversed. The
"novell-filereporter-engine-32-bit" is in fact the 64-bit version, and the
"novell-filereporter-engine" is 32-bit.

In the documentation, during the DSI install, it says to leave the default
server as is. That would likely be correct if it is a OES2 server with a
local eDir installed, but as a SLES only box with no eDir, I believe it
needs to be altered to point at an eDir server in the tree.