We have received 2 new (for us) Konica Minolta Printers C452 and C280 and configured them for iPrint using LPR and PRINTERNAME=Print as per the Konica documentation.

On a client PC once the printer is deployed and you right-click on the printer and select properties it will take over 60 seconds for the screen to show. You are unable to print from MS Office to any of these printers as it timeouts, trying to communicate to the printer.

I was wondering if anyone has configured on of these devices in the past.

Configuring as a TCP/IP printer on a workstation works as expected. It appears to be that the the PC is trying to communicate back to the printer and this is just not working through iPrint. I even switched the printer to iPrint direct without resolution.

iPrint Server
Netware 6.5 SP8 running patchb for NDPS
NDPSGW v4.01.01
NDPSM v3.03.01

Client PC
XPSP2 Hotfixes for iPrint applied
iPrint Client v5.32
Novell Client 4.91 SP4

Any steps that may help in troubleshooting are greatly appreciated.


Stephen Gardiner