I have a new install of OES2 SP2a on SLES 10 SP3 running iPrint. It was placed into an existing tree with Netware 6.5 servers, planning to do a migration. All seems to be fine with the iPrint config etc. but I can not upload any Windows 7 drivers. When attempting to load them into the Driver Store, I can select the printer driver form the list presented, or select a driver from a file, but when selected it just bounces back to the iManager screen with no message or sign of anything hapenning.

I also tried doing the same on our Netware 6.5 server and got similar results. Have tried running IE as administrator, and with 32 bit and 64 bit versions with similar results.

I can load drivers for XP and Vista with no problems.

Please give any ideas on what may be wrong, or next steps to test more.