Apparently... i have done something silly... i had a user who needed a name change... i made the change in nds and told ifolder to go look for it... it has found it but the user doesn't completely get imported into ifolder. Any ideas on how to take care of this issue?

simias Log file excerpt:

2010-08-17 11:45:17,833 [1138788672] DEBUG Simias.LdapProvider.Sync - ProcessUserEntry(cn=username,ou=ps,ou=teachers,o=u sers)
2010-08-17 11:45:17,834 [1142991168] DEBUG Simias.Server.Catalog - Member 39e1ad1c-2655-4131-36bc-1cade1395526 modified in collection 5f73ec59-120e-43e5-ad6f-411044752709
2010-08-17 11:45:17,834 [1138788672] DEBUG Simias.IdentitySync.State - processing member: username
2010-08-17 11:45:17,837 [1138788672] DEBUG Simias.SimiasException - Member does not belong to any domain.
Simias.Storage.CollectionStoreException: Member does not belong to any domain

thanks in advance