Hi Admins,

We had a little Problem with iPrint on one of our OES SP1 Servers.

No printing via iPrint available, users requested service from IT Department
On Http "psmstatus" page of this server, all printers listed "Not bound", but Manager status was good (green).

Restarting the services (rcnovell-ipsmd restart, rcnovell-idsd restart) doesnt fix the problem. In the process list (ps wax | grep -i ipr) we discovered, that the iprintgw process was consuming an abnormal amount of time. After stopping the iprint processes, the iprintgw stayed sleeping, we have to destroy it with "killall -9 iprintgw". We started the iprint processes, but the iprintgw crashed again after appox 1 minute.

Now I tryed to find some deeper information about this behavior in the logfiles, but I had no luck, or I dont find the "debug" switches or I searched for the wrong logfiles. (/var/opt/novell/log/iprint/*)
idsd.log = no useful information
ipsmd.log = nothing useful to find, only messages "blabla .. has successfully loaded", nothing about misbehavior or errors
ipsmprov.log = rather old log entries .. nothing to find
iprintgw.log = only slight information whats going on. "Resource unavailable" or "No route to host" happend all the time before an are not the reason for the crash. But .. one line informed me about the crash: "<Date> WARNING Unloaded with handleReferencedCount at 2 for gwhandle 8" .. oh .. really ?? ... nothing else to find.
/var/log/messages = only bare information about iprint
I activated debug logging on the HTTP "psmstatus" page and evaluated the file debug.log. I searched for "err" (grep -i err debug.log) and I got some info about CI_IPC_CONN_LOST, socket 29, Error code: 104. Not really useful too .. :-(.
And I can only start debugging (on the web page), while the process is running, so it is very hard to catch startup errors.

Are there some more debug switches (startup debug switches in some configfiles) or an other logfile?

After we stopped all printer agents with "shutdown printer" the iprintgw doesnt crash and started working .. but had nothing to do ..
Then we started the printers, one by one and found a printjob which apparently kicked the iprintgw process. After the job was deleted, the system started working as expected.

I spent a lot of time with troubleshooting and searching for logfiles and debug switches. Is there a way to monitor exactly what happens at the iprint system - in real time? This would narrow down the time for troubleshooting sessions.

Thanks in advance for any hints ...