Let me know if I'm overreacting, but this is kinda how my day went, and
I'm still annoyed (beyond that, but redacting so I don't get THWACKED).

Matt let his singer's son (20 yo, basically good kid, works second
shift, not around much) move in "temporarily". He's been around about a
month, but due to dog sitting/taking care of my mom I haven't had to
deal with him much. I'll try to edit this rant some that I posted
elsewhere (can't facebook it, since his mom is a friend of mine), and
tell me, would you put up with this?

Sorry, I am STILL freaking annoyed about this, because I was told to
play nice (even though I'm the one buying groceries, helping pay bills,
etc., it's "his" house, my name isn't on the mortgage)...

This kid was either staying at home or with his stripper (not hot, trust
me) GF or something until about a month ago. He showed up & asked Matt
if he could stay in one of the spare rooms for a bit, since I'm still
unsure what happened, if he got kicked out of one place or the other,
but whatever, and Matt said yeah.

Now, like I said, this was a month or so ago, and this was supposed to
be short term, not "moving in", because I'm still remodeling the inside,
etc. The dude's days off are Monday & Tuesday, and he works second shift
anyway, so basically, he sleeps here. Never had an issue with food,
cleanliness, etc., because for the last couple weeks (the mom in Hawaii,
then taking care of her after virus, etc., haven't been here during the
week). He comes in late, sleeps, gets up, showers, leaves.

Today, I get up, know I have to mow, so skip my shower, just go to wash
my face, brush my teeth... turn around in the upstairs bathroom (my
bathroom, I mean, my stuff is everywhere), and the GF took her makeup
off with my towel. Yeppers, mascara, lipstick, everything, on my BATH
towel hanging on the rack. I guess too **** lazy to open the cabinet
RIGHT NEXT TO THE SINK to grab a washrag or hand towel.

So this starts my morning already <redacted>. I'll admit, Matt got home
late last night, so I didn't do dishes right away after cooking, left
'em in the sink, but they were all done & washed by 8:30am, still fuming
about the towel, so just clean the kitchen, scrub the counters, just
swiffer the floor because I know I'm doing drywall tomorrow. Too wet to
mow due to dew & the <redacted> crabgrass, so looking online for jobs,
posting on facebook & various other forums to annoy people, etc. Get
everything out that isn't refrigerated to make zucchini bread for him.
Flour, sugar, etc., sitting on the side counter.

So, they stagger out of bed about 11am, and apparently my groceries
(yes, I said mine. I bought **** specifically to bring here to cook) are
FFA. They use up all 7 of my eggs left (used some yesterday for
breakfast, knew I had plenty left, guess no zucchini bread!), open the
brand new jug of milk I bought yesterday (oh, you messed up & bought
skim that's still in there, she doesn't like that, so just use a ton of
mine without asking!), use up all the bread, etc.

Now, I'm beyond annoyed. It's not Matt's stuff they're <redacted> with,
it's mine. But I bite my tongue & go out to mow. I see them leave, so I
come back in after an hour or so for a smoke break. Walk into the
kitchen, they left all their <redacted> dishes there, egg all over the
stove, floor & one counter, toast crumbs everywhere, I cleaned the egg
off the floor only so I wouldn't step in it.

I go downstairs to the shower, just out of curiosity, and not only has
that <redacted> used my soap, shampoo, conditioner, she used my loofah &
razor. This AFTER I hear them talking this morning about so & so rubbing
glitter all over her, and how she still has it on her, and how gross
that place is sometimes. (You definitely don't want to read what I
posted there that I edited out).

Oh, it gets better. Now I get done mowing, and I go to grab a clean
towel out of one of the bathrooms. Ummm... no towels. Go in the
"roommate's" room, and four of them laying ON THE CARPET, still damp,
smelling like funk. The entire room smells like funk, because he has not
washed his sheets since he's been there. Oh, yeah, did I mention I even
brought a spare set of sheets that are still LAYING ON THE <redacted>

So, I got to shower, throw away a loofah & razor so I don't catch
whatever it is she has been rolling in at the strip club, dry off with
hand towels, and do the <redacted> towels with Lestoil in the wash so I
can kill anything from towels laying on the floor for <insert diety>
knows how long.

Oh, yeah, they like my beer, so they've been drinking it. They went to
town this afternoon on a beer run. Think they picked me any up to
replace, or any eggs? Nope. Yeah, I posted, he's 20, his stripper GF is
over 21. So I guess he can only get booze when she buys it, and maybe
replacing is not okay with her?

Am I right to be annoyed, or because it's not "my house", I should just
let everything slide? He said he'd talk to them, but that's like him
talking to a puppy... "Awww, you did a piddle, it's okay, just don't do
it again." He's entirely too nice. I am MAD, and think I have a right
to be. Food is one thing, my toiletries are another. It's the combo of
it all that has me so mad.