Running SLED 11 SP1 and the latest (according to YAST) Novell Client to
attach to an OES NetWare server.

Suddenly last week I lost the ability to administer file attributes and
trustee rights on the OES server. When I select "Novell Properties" from
the right-click menu in Dolphin, I get a "Cannot Deallocate Directory
Handle" error. If I try to change trustee rights, the window comes up,
but the panes are empty. When I use Nautilus, there is no error, but
nothing happens. I can't remember changing anything, unless it was an
online update. I removed and reinstalled the client with YAST, but it
didn't help.

An interesting note is that I run a Virtual Box Windows XP vm on this
system, and it is broken, too. The Novell Properties tab works, but if I
use the right-click Trustee Rights menu item, it comes up blank also.
ConsoleOne works all the time in XP.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction?