A quick rundown of the main new forum features we now have. Keep in mind that NNTP doesn't support most of this.

* Easily selectable font size and COLOR if that floats your boat.

* Ability to create groups. If you want to have your own private 'forum' here on these forums to discuss things with a group of your choice, you can create a group.

* Expandable/Collapsable forum groups. If all you ever do is visit the developer forums, you can collapse the rest of the forums on the home page so you only see the forum set you're interested in. Based on user testing we've also expanded and given more detail to the individual forums at the forum home page level. The trade off was aesthetics and a smaller forum home page, but the people tested found this style more useful.

* Upgradability. Since we're only using CSS to style the vBulletin default template, we don't have to manually update the template every time a vBulletin update is released...and that happens quite regularly. Security updates wil be able to be installed more quickly with less resource expended.

* There is a new calendar function that, to be honest, I haven't explored a lot yet. Maybe we'll find it useful, maybe not. We'll see. Suggestions welcome in this area.

* Tabs that make forum functions easy to get to

* Integration with the Novell web site including the header which makes navigation from the forums to other areas of the Novell web site easier.

* Other stuff I can't think of right now. :-)

You'll probably run into a few bugs (like the 'Subscriptions' link still pointing to our development server) and I'd appreciate if you bring them to my attention so we can get them fixed. If you're using NNTP for forum access, you can just ignore all of this because it shouldn't affect you, NNTP just works like it always has.