We are a college with multiple workstations in multiple classrooms. I want to associate a specific printer to a workstation in that classroom regardless of the user. Am I talking crazy? I have to admit I'm new to iPrint but still...
I don't want to install the printer permanantly on the workstation because we use Zenworks images and this image is used in multiple classrooms with different printers and the kids will always choose the wrong one ; ). I just want the printer to be installed by iCM on the workstation regardless of the users because many different students will use the same workstation but to install the printer in the classroom. It seems that the printer can only be associated to the user or user OU. Is this right? If so I have my answer.
If not I can't find the trick to configure it. If I associate it to the user it gets installed but I don't want the kids to have multiple printers. When I associate the policy to the workstation nothing happens. Normal?
Thanks for any input.