I might need to post this in the Developer forums; if so, please let me know :)

Here's our scenario. We're running iPrint on OES2 SP2, using Papercut 10.5 for our print auditing. We have a custom-developed campus portal built in java.

What we're wanting to be able to do is to somehow hook into the iPrint system to be able to tell the logged-in user whether they have any pending print jobs that are on hold in certain print queues as a result of the Papercut auditing.

Does anyone know if there's an iPrint API to be able to do this? Currently the Papercut API doesn't provide for this; I've submitted an enhancement request, but don't know when/if this will be able to be set up - they said that it would be pretty involved to expose this functionality through the API.

At this point we don't necessarily care about being able to release the jobs from our portal; just displaying any on-hold jobs would be good for now. As a side-note, releasing the job through iManager doesn't reflect in Papercut, so it looks like that would need to be done through the Papercut API when that gets set up.

Thanks in advance for any advice/direction you can give me!