A little help please.

Sorry if this sort of thing annoys you.

If you would be so kind as to take 30 seconds to respond. (Hint, fdisk
isn't the right answer to any of these.)
I understand that because of the nature of this group things will be
skewed. But I am factoring that in, at least a bit.

All these questions are based on home use of backup systems.
All the possible answers are at the beginning of the line. Just delete
the incorrect answer.

Yes/No 1. Is your primary activity in life (work or study) based
on or around IT?
1 to 10 2. How important is home backup for you?
Yes/No 3. Do you backup your PC at home?
D/W/M/Other 3a. With what frequency?
Yes/No 4. Do you backup to an internal disk?
Yes/No 5. Do you backup to an external disk?
Yes/No 6. Do you backup to an online storage service?
Yes/No 7. Is your backup automated?
Yes/No 8. Is your backup manual?

Order the fllowing in importance. 1-4 (use each number only once)
__ Ease of install
__ Ease of Use
__ Ease of Recovery
__ Backup Automation

Download site/Friend/Internet advertising/Other Where did you find
your backup solution?

Add any comments here you find pertinent (important/good/bad) about
your backup solution.

Thanks a million! You may be elibible for free software or soap.