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Thread: Zen Reporting Infoview not pulling the inventory info I want

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    Zen Reporting Infoview not pulling the inventory info I want

    I am trying to pull some useful Inventory information from the managed devices but the Report generated does not CONTAINS all the information I needed or at least not pulling the right information from the Managed devices (agents are installed) Here is the scoop: Reports -> Zenworks Reporting Server Infoview -> NEW -> Web Intelligence Document -> and here we can see the Universe Pane. The questions what to select to add item to the right pane so that I can generate some report that shows all the Inventoried pc (with agent installed) right now I selected and tried many attributes or items but only show the DNS, IP address and none of the HD, CPU, Serial number and Manufacturer and others on the GENERATED report. Here is the sample of the Reported generated for your review. It only DNS name, Machine name, Platform, machine GUID and the rest are NOT showing which were selected and there are: hard drive size, memory type and size, cpu type, vendor name and so and whole bunge of them.
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