Our server with the Print Manager and Broker when down (and stayed down) this weekend. In spite of having all printers set for iPrint Direct, no one could print to a networked printer this morning.

The server is Netware 6.5SP8 with printing updates. Workstations are XPSP3 and Win7, iPrint Client 5.44. Printing to locally attached printers still worked. Networked printer icons were visible in Printers window, but unresponsive. Windows Print Spooler still running.

The iDirectCommand registry key seems to be ok on all workstations.

All workstations were affected, whether they were turned off over the weekend or left running.

Once the server was restarted and Print Manger came up, printing was restored to all, without requiring a reboot.

iPrint Direct is not supposed to lose user printing when the server goes down - this is the best selling point for me.

Any ideas on what happened or how to get around this problem?