We are running iPrint on SLES OS and Auto Driver/Profile Update is enabled.

The server was rebooted this morning and everything appeared to be fine but I noticed that there were no printer profiles (should have been about 30). Over a period of 15 minutes I had 10 users have some/all of their printer agents removed due to the Driver/Profile Update not been able to find the associated profile, and thus removed the printer agent from their workstation.

I immediately disabled the Profile Update on all printers to stop further disruption. Restarting the apache/tomcat/driver store/print manager processes resolved the issue with the profiles, but my concern is if this happens again potentially all users could loss all their printer agents.

Is it possible to disable the auto-remove feature? or should I just disable the Auto Driver/Profile Update feature and enable it for a limit time when a change is made to a print driver/profile.

Thanks in advance