For me, I'd like to see two additions for DSFW:

1) The ability to ADD it on after the fact (ie, you have an EXISTING server that you wish to add it onto). Right now you can only do this at the point of installation.

2) DSFW should have integration with EXISTING AD Domain. Meaning you can make the servers DC or member servers of an EXISTING Domain rather than the current situation where you have to create your own domain for DSFW And then muck with the cross domain trust relationships. I'd like to be able to make my regional OES2 servers function as a DC for AD authentication purposes and for GPO purposes in our EXISTING domain. But alas this is not there yet.

If we were to deploy windows servers in our regions, then we'd just get rid of Novell stuff all together (no sense in having multiple servers out there when Windows is perfectly capable of serving up files and printing).