Matthew Good said, "No matter what you read or hear or even see the best
guide you have is yourself if you choose to listen. If you are feeling
lost stop following those that lead you down paths not meant for you.
Mistakes are easy to make. Misunderstandings happen. And contrary to
what we all thought once, life does go on even after the worst
tragedies. If you fall down pick yourself back up. If you are knocked
down pick yourself back up. If you are laid down then your job here is
done and enjoy the rest. Most important though, and I implore you to
always remember this, we are all human. Made of flesh, blood, and bone.
We bruise, we bleed, and we break, but we also heal. We are all the same
in that simple fact alone, but we share even more in common. The most
notable is our stupidity and stubbornness, but also our love and
compassion. In the best of times we may argue, fight, and disagree, but
in our worst of times we only know how to try to make things better. We
forget race, sex, creed, country, and religion. We only see human beings
in need and we throw ourselves into the task of helping. That alone is
our one most defining character. The only flaw in our human character,
in my opinion, is that it takes tragedy and hard times to bring out the
best in ourselves. Maybe one day we random acts of kindness won't be
need any longer. And with that I bid you all goodnight. May whatever God
you chose bless you or, if you have no God, then may you just be blessed
for being you."