This was working but all of the sudden it stopped.

I've got OES2 on a SLES10 SP3 box. I'm hosting multiple websites on apache using virtual named hosts.

It works fine if I double+click on the file to open it, it opens just fine. The browser either loads the file (htm, html, css, pdf) inside of itself, or if it needs an external viewer (xls, doc) I get prompted to open or save the file - either way works just fine.

Now if I select the file and then go to the File menu and choose Download the download dialog appears and I end up with a file named correctly but I actually get an HTML file telling me: "302 Found The document has moved here".

If I select multiple files I get a zip file and every file inside of that zip is the same HTML text telling me 302.

Upload works okay, Rename doesn't work (I get a box that says error), delete fails as well.

I found some older stuff (Netware 6.5) that solved this same issue with pkidiag - but I haven't had any luck following that line of thought.

Any thoughts?