One of my customers is using DSfW with VMWare View. With 4.0 everything is ok, after upgrading to 4.5 the users are now longer able to connect to the virtuell desktop. The login to the VMWare View Client works, after selecting a desktop from the pool menu, the View clients show's a popup that the user is disabled. In the eventlog of the VMWare View server I found the following error:

Program C:\Programme\VMware\VMware View\Server\bin\wsnm.exe, thread 0x95C encountered a machine exception code 0xC0000005

The only intresting message I found in the kdc.log of the DSfW DC is that the VMWare View server is looking up the SPN ldap/<domain>, which not registered.

Even after a reinstallation of VMWare View the same error occures.
Has anyone an idea?