We're using iFolder 3.8.0 on Windows 7 x64 clients running the server on openSUSE, and we've noticed an issue lately with a few users where their local iFolder was syncing from %userprofile%\documents\iFolder\iFolder, instead of the place we specify in the autoaccount.xml file, which is %userprofile%\documents\iFolder. It's quite possible that the auto-setup failed for a few clients, and someone accidentally created it (manually) under the wrong store, but to ensure this is not a wide-spread problem, I would like to audit all of our machines to find the local paths where the iFolder sync directories are located.

Unfortunately, I'm not seeing anywhere in the registry or in the local files where this is stored, and I have a fear that this is all stored in the local database files (%localappdata%\simias\FlaimSimias.01 and %localappdata%\simias\FlaimSimias.db) which I don't think I'd be able to query. In addition to looking through the files under %localappdata%\simias, I've also looked under %appdata%\simias and %appdata%\iFolder, but the only file of relevance I've found was %appdata%\iFolder\iFolder.log, which in one case did contain the location of the default iFolder download path, but in 3 of the other machines I looked at running iFolder, the location was not present in that log file, making it a very unreliable way of getting data.

Does anyone have an idea of a way I can query all clients to figure out where their iFolder is syncing to? I've also checked the reports generated on the iFolder server, but it just tells me the path on the server where files are being downloaded to, not the client paths for each machine.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,