Here's the situation. iPrint client 5.42. Windows 7 64-bit Professional. We recently moved from the old non-NDPS print queues to iPrint because the Novell Client on Windows 7 doesn't support those old queues.

I sent multiple jobs to an iPrint printer install on Windows 7 (pausing the output so they wouldn't actually print). When I look at the "See What's Printing" document queue for that printer on my Windows 7 machine, it shows 0 documents being printed. If, however, I go to a Windows XP machine with that printer, it properly shows the documents in the queue when I click on "Open" to show what's in the queue.

This is a big deal. If users can't see the documents in the queue in their printer on Windows 7 machines, they can't cancel the jobs if they need to. How can I fix this?