783 recorded quakes since the 4th... kinda inteteresting to watch, big
ones were the 4th and the 8th.


I think that it is safe to say that the majority of things have
returned to normal for most people. Council are starting to go and do
more permanent fixes to things like the roads and water mains that were
damaged and temporarily patched - the tear in the road at the main
entrance to the subdivision I live in - a drop in the road of about
half a meter has been levelled though still needs to be sealed, road
and footpath damage marked out, storm water drain mainholes that have
lifted have reflectors and are marked...

SH74 is fully open now with speed restrictions (yay!) which makes me
very happy, though it looks like the Oxidisation Ponds from the Sewage
Treatment plant took significant damage as the road that went through
them was the last section of it open. Several of the culverts between
the ponds were damaged or destroyed.

Saw what I believe was one of the 3 sewerage pumping stations that need
to be 'rebuilt'. It was a brick building and it looking like someone
had lifted the top half of the building and moved it 10mm to the left.

Still some outlying areas won't have sewerage for months though, and
there is a general warning about not using any of the waterways around
the city for recreational use, fishing etc due to damages to sewer
lines causing contamination. It's rather eerie not seeing anyone
kayaking or rowing on the Avon river...

Have to move one of our coolstores, it was on reclaimed land out at the
opening to the port with a wharf up against it. The wharf is fine but
the land is badly damaged, some of it dropping close to a meter - the
lighthouse at the end is on a terrible lean. Each time I have gone out
there the cracks are bigger. I have some photos of it after the
Wednesday quake which I hope to post at some point.

I would say things are slowly returning to normal, but really it is
very rapid, I don't really think that many people in the region fully
appreciate how quickly both regional and national government agencies
have moved to get the city back to normal...