I've been having problems getting iPrint to work properly on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit edition. Specifically, when there are jobs in the queue for a printer, I can't view them by clicking on "See what's printing" for that printer in the Devices and Printers list. On XP machines, I can see those jobs in the queue just fine. My travails are detailed here.

In my research and troubleshooting of this issue, it appears that there are issues both on Microsoft's side and Novell's side, so it's hard to figure out who is responsible for what. My question is, then, has anybody been able to get this working on Windows 7 to the point where you can see jobs in the printer queue? If it is possible to get it working, I'll keep plugging away at it, maybe looking at a working system to see how it is different from mine. If not, though, then I'm not sure what I can do.

So if you have gotten this working in Windows 7 (especially the 64-bit edition), I'd like to hear from you.