We have Netware 6.5 SP8 with iPrint. Printing works fine. We use ZenWorks 7 to install printers through the Workstation Policy. This is where the problem begins. Policy is set to run on User Login. If the user is a member of the Local PC Admin group then the policy will run and the printer will install. However, if this user is only a Power User or a User (Students) then the policy will not run and if the user runs wmsched and highlights the policy and clicks "Run Now" they get an error "You do not have sufficient rights to complete the operation."

If this user then browses with IE to the iprint server and ipp to see the list of printers and selects the printer to install they get the following message: ErrorCode: 10060. Error message: WinSock 10060 - Connection has timed out. Error group: WINSOCK Error code: 10060. OK!!! - No it's not OK..

The only way we can get printers installed is to make users a member of the Administrator group which is not an option for 6000 students.

I have isolated this and removed all group policys in testing this but still the problem happens. Just wondering if anyone else out there has experienced this and what suggestions you might have to help us on this.

Thanks, Richard