Finally, I have a Blackberry (Bold 9700), having successfully avoided it for
so long. So far I'm liking it much more than I anticipated, but I am having
some frustrations.

At work we have to WiFi networks and it will immediately connect to my
preferred one of them or select the second one. At GF's place I had some
problems connecting until I checked for other networks and changed the
channel to one that was not in use by the neigbours' WiFi networks.
At home it is stranger. The BB recognises the network but fails to retain a
connection. The Network name is displayed but the WiFi icon id grey.
Sometimes, if I switch on and connect my old Palm T|X or my laptop to the
WiFi, the BB will then connect. Though it doesn't seem to remail connected
for long. It's certainly not down to signal strength as this even happens
when I'm sitting next to the wireless router. Has anyone come across the
same problem?