Do you want to record your happy time or replay some of your favorite moments, but you don’t have DV or VCR. Don’t worry. Recently, I found a perfect software tool to record webcam video. In this article I would introduce Camersoft Webcam Recorder, which could help you capture webcam video and save as standard AVI video files which you could replay whenever you want. This webcam recorder works just like a VCR and only need a webcam (including internal camera, USB webcam, or other cam devices) connected to your PC. Meanwhile, this software could support windows 7/ Vista/XP/2000/2003/NT etc. It could also enable you to change your webcam effect, add more effects to your webcam during video recording.

Firstly, please make sure you have a webcam device, and you could free download the setup file of Camersoft Webcam Recorder from the official website:
And run it to install the recorder on your PC.
Then start up Camersoft Webcam Recorder and you could see below main UI:
Main features and functions of this webcam recorder:
1. Easily select webcam source:
The first button on the top tool bar is for you to select a webcam source if you have 2 or more webcam devices on your PC. This is very useful if you using a laptop which has an internal cam and an external USB webcam device. You could click this button to switch to another webcam at anytime you want.

2. Record webcam video and microphone audio:
It is very easy to start recording webcam movie, and the webcam recorder can record audio from your microphone automatically also. When you want to record, click “Record” button to start recording and the black box on the bottom of UI will show the recorded time. After a while, click “Stop” button and you could see the recorded video file displayed in the list. After recording, you could play the files with your video player software, like Windows Media Player, VLC, or other player installed on your PC. Just double-click the filename in the list to play it. Click the “Open folder” button you could find the video files there. And if you want to set another folder to save the recorded videos, just click the “Change Folder” button and select a new directory you want.
3. Take a webcam Snapshot
If you like the current image when preview video, you can use the “Snapshot” option. Just click the “Snapshot” button, the current webcam image will be saved as BMP picture files in the same folder of the recorded video files.

4. Advanced: add interesting effects and doodling on the webcam image
Compared with other webcam recorder tools, Camersoft Webcam Recorder provides an interesting function for you and enable you change your webcam image appearance or add some special effects on the image. On the left of the main UI is the Categories List and the Effects List, first click one category and all the effects of this group will displayed in the Effects list, and just click one effect picture it could show on the current webcam image. You could also move the animation or object freely or change its size. For example:
“Animations”: with this category, you could add some animations on the webcam image, such as
a dog, a cat, a butterfly and so on.
“Scenes”: If you select a scene effect, you could find that it seems to put you into a new environment, really very interesting.
“Distortions”: make your image fatter, thinner, and more…
“Faces”: when you add a face effect, the software could detect your face automatically and add the effect on it, when you move your head, the effect also moves with it.
“Paint”: You could even paint a picture or write some words on your webcam during a
video call. Click the “Paint” button to switch to doodling mode and you could draw
freely on the active picture.

Ok, this is a simple guide and introduction of this fantastic webcam capture and record software.
Actually, there are more features for you to experience and surely you would like it. If you have any questions and advices, please visit the Camersoft Studio website: Camersoft Official - Skype Video Recorder, MSN Webcam Recorder, Record Skype/MSN video call and feel free to contact us via the e-mail address: We will reply as soon as possible.