I want to push iPrint printers to users using Zenworks policies. I want to be able to control what printers are pushed to each individual user, using groups. In other words: If UserA is a member of the groups Printer1, Printer2 and Printer5, then Printer 1, 2 and 5 are pushed to UserA.

My plan was to create an iPrint install policy for each printer, associate that policy with a group, and push printers to users by making them member of the appropriate groups.

This works fine if the user is a member of only one "printer group". But if a user is a member of more than one printer group (which almost all users will be), only one printer is pushed to the user, and the rest of the policies are ignored. Probably because each user can only have one effective iPrint policy (?) So maybe Zenworks policies are not the way to go after all.

Any suggestions as to how to achieve this in a smarter way (i.e. a way that works)?