We can no longer create/edit HP UPD profiles on Win7 (we used to be able to do this without incident). I've tried with iprint client versions 5.4.0, 5.4.2, and 5.5.0, and with UPD version in PCL6, PCL5, and PS. We can create/edit other driver profiles (Canon UFR, HP 4300, HP 2300 etc.) with no problems.

What happens is that, after issuing the command to edit/create a driver profile, the "Loading Driver Profile" progress window comes up, and an 'iPrint-driver-profile-hiddenPA on ipp://..." temporary printer is created on my machine; However, it stays there forever, and never actually lets me create/edit a profile. I have to eventually force-quit IE. No errors are produced, and insofar as I can determine, no errors are logged either client or server-side. I've tried this on several PCs running Win7 with no success at all.

I've tried every suggestion that I can find to get this working and rebooted services/servers/workstations, all to no avail. Am I simply missing something with the HP UPD, or can anyone make any recommendations to get this working again? Thanks in advance for any assistance that you can offer.

FWIW, our server is running SLES 10.2 SP3 and OES 2.0.2. I'm running and online update right now in hopes that it might address the issue, but I'm not entirely optimistic.