I have an Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 (not Reader) NAL that has successfully been deployed to end users. As new patches are released, I just copy the patch to the same network folder as the Pro distribution, then edit the NAL (MSI, Patches) and add the msp to the list. I then increment the version number and the users run the NAL which distributes the patch to their workstation. It has worked great until 9.3.4 was released.

When 9.3.4 was released, I added it to the Patches list, incremented the version number, ran the NAL and it appeared to distribute. In fact, the distribution report shows it distributed successfully. However, when I open Adobe Pro and click Help, About, it shows its still version 9.3.3.

Now with 9.4.0 released, I added that to the Patches list. Again it appears to distribute successfully, but Adobe still shows version 9.3.3 after the distribution.

Client PCs are running XP (SP2 & SP3). Users are Power Users on their PCs, although it doesn't work if you run with Admin rights either.

I found some documents on Adobe's site. One suggested editing the Acrobat's setup.ini file to add a PATCH= statement with a list of all the patches. That hasn't fixed my problem. And the document "Update and deploy Acrobat and Reader" lists the order to apply the patches; I've deleted the patches from my list to match this list. However 9.4.0 still does not get applied.

Any suggestions on getting my Adobe up to 9.4.0 via my NAL?

Thanks! Bill