Hello everyone,

I recently installed iFolder 3.8 on OpenSUSE 11.3 64-bit on a VMware ESXi server.

Sometimes, while testing, I will create a folder and then soon after, click Home only to find out that the newly created folder does not exist.

Checking the Simias.log file, I can see an entry for the new folder.

Here's what I did:

I created three folders, called test3, test4, and test5. After each folder creation, I clicked on the Home link to verify the folder was created. After creating the folder test5 and clicking on Home, only the folders test3 and test4 are displayed.

Immediately checking the Simias.log file by typing 'tail Simias.log' at a terminal screen on the iFolder server, I see these three entries:

2010-10-14 15:32:36,106 [-342763760] INFO Simias.Server.Catalog - Collection: 96ed2eed-35ff-4194-89a6-4bf9c3031931 created
2010-10-14 15:32:44,442 [-342763760] INFO Simias.Server.Catalog - Collection: 8cd6cbcc-0d0f-408a-8fd2-0fe494a2df67 created
2010-10-14 15:32:52,308 [-342763760] INFO Simias.Server.Catalog - Collection: f3dab11c-5361-4a89-b4f3-fcaaff4c64b8 created

it seems the third entry would correspond to the test5 folder that was created, but not displayed.

If I did a file search on the server, three results come back:

a file called f3dab11c-5361-4a89-b4f3-fcaaff4c64b8.changelog located in the folder simas/changelog
a folder called f3dab11c-5361-4a89-b4f3-fcaaff4c64b8 located in the folder simias/SimiasFiles/0f
a folder called f3dab11c-5361-4a89-b4f3-fcaaff4c64b8 located in the folder simias/CollectionFiles

Any ideas as to why the folder can't bee seen? Does it still exist?

Thanks in advance!