I am looking for a way to move my iPrint environment from an OES 2/SLES10 SP1 server to an OES 2 SP2/ SLES10 SP3 server. I am a little confused about the Consolidate options.

The current server is configured with a secondary IP address that points to a DNS name called "HQPRINT.domain.com". This is what the iPrint service running on and when IPP printers are installed, this is the DNS name that is associated.

If I use the Migration Utility and consolidate the printers over to the new server. Would I then be able to move the IP to the new server and reconfigure iPrint on the new server so that it's Print Manager is associated to "HQPRINT.domain.com" start up iPrint and everything come up fine? I want to be able to fall back to the old server if I run into a problem.

If I do that, what files need to be changed so that the new server starts up with it's Print Manager working with the new DNS name? I don't want anyone to have to re-install the printers.

Also, if there is a better way of doing this, I am open to suggestions.