we have nw658 edir 8855 imanager 274 ( iprint snapin installed )

now, if i try to create a print manager object via imanager, and i want to start the printmanager on the server, the following error message comes up

the ndps managerīs database resides on volume "server_volume.ou.ou.o" . the database for the ndps manager is not on this server or the volume containing the database is not mounted the database must be moved to a mounted volume on this file server to continue.....

if i press enter, the server comes up to give me a volume to put the database on. BUT THAT VOLUME is the admin volume, only 4 kb big .
īthere is no insert possible to change to another volume, maybe spool_volume from the server.

i have to create a broker on the spool_volume from the server ( NDPS Folder copied to the root of the volume) after creation from the object, it is possible to start the broker with that spool volume.

the printmanager is not possible to start.

if i look at the folder, under NDPS there is a HEX-FOLDER XXXXXXXX.psm. but that folder is empty.
so any ideas outside, what i am doing wrong at this point of iPrint?