I was doing a little testing to work around the confirmed bug were you can't
add a user to Mobility if they reside in container that the "&" sign in it's

It appears I have found that Moblity can't initialize a user account when
the eDir account name is different than the GW account (or visa versa)t. It
appears that the eDir account name must match the GW account that it's
associated with for Mobility to handle it properly.

For example,

eDir account name "BobE" with a GW account associated named "BobE", works
just fine with Mobility.

Something happens and "BobE" eDir account has to be renamed, say to "Bob"
but user want to keep keep the GW account BobE@domain.com so the GW account
name is not renamed. So now the eDir name is "Bob" but the GW account tied
to it, is "BobE".

So.... "Bob" account is added to Mobility then going to the monitor of the
Mobility connector web page, the sync state for "Bob" will show failed. The
only way to make it go "Synced" is when both the eDir and GW account names

I don't think this is a major problem but is this already known? If this is
in the documentation, then I guess it's a feature?