I have a curious problem. A user has a computer with iFolder 2.1.8
client connecting to a Netware 6.5 server. I've assigned the user 24-GB
of space. He is using 9.3-GB of it. When he initially logs in to
iFolder, the server information (while it is reconciling the iFolder
database) states exactly that. Then a message pops up that says

"iFolder synchronization cannot complete because you don't have enough
space on the server. Free space on the server = 4.1 MB (total space
available = 4.3 MB) Space needed to complete synchronization = 89.6 MB)"

The server has several hundred GB of free space available. Furthermore,
this is the users work machine. His home machine connects just fine. The
implication is clear. There is something wrong with the work machine.
What could possibly be corrupt to cause this? I have

1. Done thorough scans for malware and found nothing
2. Started with startup programs disabled to look for conflicting software
3. Re-installed iFolder several times

How do I proceed to solve this. If it would help, I can do a network
trace at either the server or the computer, but I don't really know what
to look for. If someone else does and thinks it might help, I could take
the trace and arrange for you to look at it. What else can I do to
resolve this? If there is other information you need that would be
helpful, let me know and I will try to post.

Thanks, in advance, for your help.