or get fired, or something.

Plugged in a switch I was getting ready for some temporary stuff that's
going on this week (flex signup, all over our org, in several different
locations). Did the same thing friday w/ a different switch, as I was
just trying to be efficient & have tomorrow's locations ready to go
earlier than just getting things ready to go when they're setting up.

So, I plug this switch into our core to make sure the connections work.
VTP domains are different, our core has a VTP password setup, this
other one does not.

I guess I didn't think to check the config revision #'s, as the temp
switch wiped out the vlans on our main bldg switches, which in turn
disconnected ALL the clients & ALL the servers, set our vmware
environment into a panic as HA was unavailable, which in turn shut our
VM's down, basically shut our entire org down for a bit while we got
things back up & running right.

I feel like absolute @#$%, wouldn't be surprised if I got written up
for this, or even
worse.........................................@#&* ##%&*)