Is iPrint supported on Windows 7 Starter? Or has anyone gotten it to work?

iPrint running on Netware 6.5SP8 with iprntnw65sp8b (I see there is a iprntnw65sp8b-2 which I will gladly apply if it resolves this problem); iPrint client 5.50.

Win7 drivers uploaded to the broker and I can add the same printer successfully to a machine running Windows 7 Professional, but fails on Win7 Starter.

Kyocera Mita 4030 produces this error:
The printer driver is unknown
Error Group: Windows
Error code: -2147023099

Lexmark T642 driver produced the following error:
Remote procedure call failed
Error Group: Windows
Error Code: 1726

Yet I can successfully add these printers and drivers to a Win7 Pro machine and print successfully.