The Mobility Pack has been working pretty well for my user base. Except for one user whose calendars never sync properly. Unfortunately, that one user is the Director of IT.

Here's the problem roughly:

1. On both his iPad and his Motorola Android device, many appointments do not show up in his calendar that are already in GroupWise.
2. The age and sender of the appointments does not seem to be correlated to whether they show up. On the same day, with two appointments from the same source one will show up on the device and the other will not.
3. As a side note, yesterday some mail with attachments got stuck in the Motorola outbox. I think that is a red herring.
4. His PO is not the target PO for the DataSync engine, but both his PO (on Netware) and the target (on OES 2.2) are both running GW 8.0.2 without last week's patch. Other users using the Mobility connector on his PO are seemingly unaffected.
5. His iPad recently went dead (the only one of many ordered to do so), leading me to suspect a voodoo hex.
6. Sync state is synced, both devices are "normal" all green.
7. On his user's Mobility monitoring information page: No events pending conversion, or pending events of any kind. In the /Calendar folder from the same screen (for the Motorola device): 4 items pending, 303 synced.
8. Datasync is at Build 115 (latest, I believe).

Things I Have Already Tried:
1. ReSync user AND remove user and re-add from Mobility.
2. ReSync AND Delete AND Re-Add Device AND remove account from device and re-add.
3. Repair user's GW Mailbox
4. Double-Checked Mobility Settings per a bunch of TIDs.
5. Changed Calendar sync from 2 weeks to 6 months, including older entries.
6. Looked at TID 7007145 and realized it was not applicable.
7. Sacrificed a goat.

My Questions:
1. Where do I go from here as far as troubleshooting procedure since the product is so new?
2. Has anyone seen selective calendar sync like this?
3. Any magic fixes?

Johnnie Odom
Network Services
School District of Escambia County